Love is Blind

“Is that a new dog?” our neighbor asked as she was walking with her son’s dog by our house the other day.

“Yes, this is our dog, Lila,” I said, as I wearily smiled. 

“She is really different from your other dog.  This dog looks like she has more energy.  She has more energy, when you now have less,” she jokingly said.

“This is true,” was all I could say.

I know I fell in love with our new dog right away, but, seriously, what was I thinking? Actually, I wasn’t thinking. It was my heart that got in the way or maybe it was some sort of divine intervention.

To me, Lila is a big dog – 60 pounds, and she has more energy in one day than I ever had put all together in my whole life! Now that I am technically over-the-hill, what do I do when I am supposed to be wiser and catching up on my rest so that I can perform at my best and try to keep up with all the people who are not over-the-hill?  I go fall in love with a two-year-old puppy that pulls me along on walks, wants to play fetch, wants to play tug-of-war with a rope or a brand new garden hose, wakes me up before the sun rises, and chews on things like a library book and my shoes that I now have to pick up and hide somewhere! Plus, Lila has been blessed with a very powerful bark that can knock me out of my chair sometimes.  Thankfully, I did not fall over and die of a heart attack the first time I heard her woof.

Even though my husband agreed to the adoption of Lila sight unseen because he thought it would make our family happy, I try to calm his nerves when our dear new doggie dug up parts of the beautiful yard that he so meticulously cares for, chewed up his favorite baseball cap, and finds his boxers and hides them in the family room.  

I pray that all my parts function so that I can care for Lila the way that she needs to be cared for.  I look forward to all the walks we will be going on together, the times I will take her to and watch her run at the dog park, and when I throw a tennis ball to her so that she can bring it back to me – oh please bring it back so I don’t have to go chasing after it!

When people ask “Why did you get such a big dog, what was the attraction?” My only explanation is that love is blind.  I really feel like Lila was meant to be a part of our family.  She is bringing smiles to our faces that would not have been there without her. Even though Lila has a lot to learn and we are learning how to teach her, she is getting me up off the sofa more times than I thought possible.  Life is definitely not boring with Lila around!

Besides, the way I figure, we will both be the same age in a little over six years!

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6 thoughts on “Love is Blind

  1. Adding a new pup is definitely hard. Not sure what your financial situation is but if you can put her in daycare a couple of days a week, that should certainly help tire her out. 🙂

    Remember even though she is two, she really is still just a puppy in terms of YOUR house training and that can take some time.

    Delilah has recently reverted to destroying things left around the house which I am taking as a cue that I need to be a better housekeeper.

    Hang in there, it WILL get better.

  2. Thank you for participating in the Pet Blogger Blog Hop. Sounds like you have had a bit of a rough start with your new addition. I promise it gets better. When Indiana was in her teething phase and chewing on my hand with her pointy sharp little baby teeth I freaked out running to the trainer but things are all better now and she is a great dog. Just remember puppy hood doesn’t last forever and when it is over you will have a great companion who reminds you to get off the couch and go for a walk every day.

    • I will probably be checking out doggie day care one of these days. It sounds like doggie day care would be a lifesaver during the winter months when I like to hibernate. I will not be hibernating now that Lila is here. I can tell that she won’t care how cold it is – she will always have to go for her walk or run everyday no matter what!

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