If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and humor, you’ve come to the right place!  This site was launched in 2011 to share spectacular adventures or everyday events.

Check out my series of posts about trips to Amsterdam, Switzerland, Ireland, and New York, New York. When you click on the highlighted destination in the previous sentence, that’s where the series begins.

Some of my favorite things about these trips were catching up with our daughter who was on a study abroad trip, seeing Anne Frank’s Home, visiting my ancestral home, and hiking around the Keukenhof Gardens.  I also like to write about the beautiful scenery in Minnesota, where I live. My stories are mostly about my family, friends, and our dog, Lila. I like to throw a book review, poem, or fun food recipe into the mix to change things up once in a while.  Follow along (click on “Sign me up!” to the right) to get upcoming posts.

My love of writing started a little time after I discovered my love of reading!  In elementary school, I was fascinated by the magic of the Scholastic book order forms.  The process of studying what each book was about, choosing the one I thought I would like the most, filling out the form and bringing it back to school was a thrill – LOL!  Even better was the day the book order arrived in our classroom.  I can still remember waiting patiently to receive the book(s) I ordered.  Soon after, I received a diary as a Christmas present, and that’s where all the writing began.

I’ve written one book that I hope to get published.  Currently, I am in the process of plotting out a work of fiction.  Even though I’ve written off and on over the years, I’ll always be learning about the craft of writing. There’s always room for improvement.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Ann
My Reality Show 🐢


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