Hi!  Some things about me:

I am a wife, a mom to three great kids, a daughter, sister, an old friend to some, a new friend to others, and a dog lover.  I am also a writer who hopes to give my readers a chuckle every now and then.  I admit, though, that I can’t find humor in some things.  I like to share stories about random events in life that sometimes include my family and our dog, Lila.

I have taken many writing classes over the years.  In 2011, during an inspirational writing class, the teacher recommended that we start a blog.  The teacher said that having a blog “will keep you writing.”  I thought about starting a blog for a couple of months after I heard her advice, and I decided to go for it.  I published my first post in May of 2011, and discovered that I enjoy blogging very much.  My blog has kept me writing, just like my teacher said!  If I don’t write for a long while, I tend to get crabby!

The reason I’ve been taking writing classes is to educate myself on book writing.  I’ve been working on an inspirational book and have submitted my manuscript to a couple of publishers.  My hope for the year of 2018, is to get my inspirational book published.

I started writing another book and have a couple of ideas for other fictional stories.

Other writers recommend that beginners get some of their works published in magazines or enter contests before they tackle the big job of writing a book.  I have one published piece that was in response to a request to readers of a religious newspaper.  The newspaper asked for memories of September 11th.  I was happy to see my piece published.

I’ve come to realize that the blog posts that are easier to write tend to be the ones that I am more proud of. Click on the title to check them out:

Lila Figured Out She’s Home
It Helps Us to Say Thanks
House for Sale
Babies of the Family

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy reading the blog!

Mary Ann


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