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What Would You Have Done?

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A pleasantly beautiful summer day greeted me when I stepped outside during my lunch hour many years ago.  Tall buildings tried to hide the sun, but I followed the paths where the sun rays fell.  Not very many people headed in the direction of the library.  Many traveled the opposite way, towards the restaurants.

The specially-selected book for Book Club was tucked in its appropriate spot among the other reserved books.  I grabbed the book, took a short stroll towards the scanner, scanned my library card and book.  Safely tucking the book under my arm, we headed back to the office.  As the stop light took its time to change, I gently held the book in my hands and fanned the pages with my thumb.  The book fell open to a particular spot, as though a bookmark had been left and forgotten.  Looking closer, I noticed not a bookmark but a sealed envelope addressed in neat penmanship.  The envelope did not have a return address on the front or the back nor was a stamp affixed.  

What to do?  Open it?  Mail it?  Why didn’t the person mail it?  Did they forget?  Did they want it mailed?  What if they didn’t want it mailed?  Did they think they mailed it already?  Since there was not a return address, I couldn’t send it to the owner.  Coincidentally, I happened to have a stamp in my purse and a mailbox was only a half a block away in the direction I was going.  I leisurely walked towards the mailbox, stood by it for a time, dug the stamp out of my purse, stuck it on the envelope, opened the creaky blue box, and slowly and unsurely dropped it in.  Years later, I wonder if it was meant to be mailed.  

What would you have done?

“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.” ~Author Unknown