A Treasure to See

It’s a strange phenomenon. Friends have experienced it too. When we see the leaves change to their vibrant colors and the temperatures begin to drop, we dig in our treasure chest of leftover yarn and take an inventory of our crochet hooks and knitting needles. Spending more time inside, helps us get creative.

This fall, the weather thermometers didn’t drop like they usually do. We were greeted with many sunshiny days, and my yarn closet was left unattended.

A few days before Christmas, I managed to stay tucked away in our cozy home. The temperatures stayed below zero for days. There were two more gifts that needed to be created during hibernation. Last year, I crocheted snowmen ornaments for my grandkids. I wondered if making ornaments for them would be a yearly tradition. The closet held plenty of red, white, and green yarn. I admired a reindeer ornament pattern, but the yarn closet didn’t contain those colors. A trip to a store would ruin my plans of staying in hibernation. Plenty of white yarn spilled out to greet me. I began crocheting a snowflake ornament from a pattern I found online. The next morning I woke up and thought, “What kid wants a snowflake ornament? Kids want something fun.”

Luckily, after scrolling through many patterns on Pinterest, I found a cute Santa pattern on the Crochet for You Blog. The ornaments were completed on time without having to make a trip outside to get more materials!

The grandkids’ smiles were a treasure to see, when they opened their packages to find the Santa Claus ornaments. 🙂

(This post is in response to #dailyprompt: “How are you creative?”)


4 thoughts on “A Treasure to See

  1. The ornament is so cute and “creative.” I’m happy to see your daily prompt, Mary Ann. I like the way you answered it too. Hibernating was a good choice. Our lowest wind-chill temperature got down to -22. Brr! I stuck my nose out the door to take out trash and start my car. The wind and COLD made it a trek across the parking lot and back.

    • Thanks, Mary! I had fun making the ornaments. Crocheting makes me feel creative! I think I might make some placemats now. 🙂

      I was glad I didn’t have to go out in the cold. Now the temperature is 36°F. It feels so nice out, and Lila likes it too. The snow is melting. I hope that was our one and only cold snap for this season.

      Thanks for your nice comments.

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