“Sublime Chocolate Experience”

A big decision needed to be made when we stopped at the Great Lakes Candy Kitchen a few weeks ago: Do we get the handmade candy turtles or the walnut fudge? Since the store was out of the dark chocolate turtles, we got the fudge. It came in a little white box, wrapped in wax paper, with a small wooden knife. The top of the box was stamped with the name of the store in bright red letters. We cut little chunks out of the half pound, eager to see if it tasted as good as it looked. No one was disappointed when we enjoyed a little bite during our visit. The fudge lasted beyond lunchtime, but not much longer!

This very informative sign, let us know exactly where we were! ❤️

Due to restrictions, we were not allowed to enter the quaint-looking store but ordered from a walk-up window.

Many more bears were there to greet us on the other side of the building. Bear tracks lead us to a picnic table and a play house with a toy register.

It was a fun treat, and after each delicious bite, no one felt even a tiny bit of guilt!

Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty. ~Lora Brody


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