Discovering Duluth – New London Cafe

When my husband and I recently went out for breakfast to the New London Cafe, I realized the last time we went to a sit-down, menu-in-your-hand, get-a-cup-of-coffee breakfast, was in March.  That’s when we were among the Crowds of Humanity in Sin City.  

Since we had never been to the New London Cafe, we had no idea how many tables were in the seating area before the pandemic.  The tables were spread out six feet apart or more, as per the order of Governor of the State of Minnesota.  Restaurants are required to operate at 50 percent capacity at this time.  When we entered, a lady asked us to be seated in the lower level.  There were only three tables in that room, but plenty more must have fit before.  My husband and I sat on the same side so we could look out the window.  We weren’t able to see Lake Superior, but a lot of greenery was across the street for us to admire.  The cozy atmosphere helped us feel at home.

We were quickly greeted by a young man, who was our waiter.  I imagined him to be a college student at one of the nearby colleges.  We all wore our masks, when we were talking to each other.  We ordered our beverages, and I ordered the Hawk Ridge Fritter French Toast Platter.  My mouth couldn’t help but water when I saw the two thick slices of cinnamon fritter toast.  I immediately drenched the French toast with the entire contents of the small container of maple syrup and dug into the eggs, which I ordered over easy.  The yellow yoke spilled out and met the toast and some of the syrup.  The edges of the toast were crispy.  I dunked the first bite of toast into the spilled yoke to soak it up.  The taste of the toast was a little shy of a cinnamon roll; not as sugary without the frosting.  The sausage tasted great and was just as I expected of a restaurant located in Duluth.

My husband ordered the eggs, bacon and toast.  The bacon was sliced thick, like Canadian bacon.  The toast came with strawberry rhubarb jelly.  I wished I would have got a taste of that, but I was too busy concentrating on the platter of food in front of me.  The portions were quite large, so I ended up sharing a bunch of my breakfast with my husband. 

Next time, I will order something to make sure I get a taste of the strawberry rhubarb jelly, which I believe was homemade. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever waited five months to go out to breakfast. Have you?


2 thoughts on “Discovering Duluth – New London Cafe

  1. It is amazing to think about how much time has passed since eating at a restaurant. We haven’t been since March either. I very much miss french fries, something I simply don’t make at home.
    Your breakfast looks and sounds amazing!

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