What Little Beauties Will Appear?

20180708_0922495491600727189644411.jpg20180708_0923127802616713461733185.jpg20180708_0924051615899125882250094.jpgThis morning, I was surprised when Lila and I were out for our usual walk because we came upon a field of blossoming flowers. Walkers passed us by as I snapped some pictures.  One couple stopped and admired the field right along with us.

“Do you happen to know what kind of flower that is?” I asked as I pointed at what I thought was a poppy. Its delicate petals fluttered in the breeze.

“We think it’s a poppy,” the man and woman said in unison.

“I don’t remember this field of flowers being here last year,” I said. Lila’s nose and paws were going farther into the field as she munched on some tall grass.

“They must have planted these wild flowers last year when they were fixing up the place,” the man reminded me.

“It’s going to be fun to watch,” said the lady. We smiled and nodded at each other as we went along our way.  I thought back to when Lila and I walked about the park last summer.  The walkers and bikers were only able to travel one half of the park, and the part where the wild flowers were was unreachable because of the rebuilding.  A bike path was added to hook up with the current one, plus a wooden foot bridge was built over part of the brook.  Most people do not go down to that part of the brook anymore because of how the foot bridge was constructed.  Many large rocks now hug the shoreline there, which makes it difficult for us to climb down to the water.  We now admire the brook from the bridge.  Since there was much digging going on last year, mice, moles, and turtles scampered around the paths looking lost and missing their homes.  Sort of like us because we weren’t able to walk around our usual way either.  Once I heard what I thought was a deer bounding about in the woods, crunching bushes and bramble as he ran to find some shelter.

This year, the creatures have settled in and are back to hiding in their homes, and we get to walk around the entire park because no part of the path is blocked. The wild flowers took the place of some beautiful towering trees that are missed, but there were never any wild flowers in the park before.  It’s nice to see them growing in the July sun.  At first, I missed the natural look of things and the way they were, but now I wonder what little beauties will appear in the field by the brook when August comes along.

I sing of brooks, of blossoms, birds and bowers,
Of April, May, of June, and July-flowers… ~ Robert Herrick



6 thoughts on “What Little Beauties Will Appear?

  1. What a pleasant place to walk and an extra bonus with pretty flowers.

    I thought of you last night while watching a show on PBS about the railways in Switzerland. The host started out in Zurich and took the Glazier Express to his next stop, took some local bus and train tours, and eventually a cable-like car that went up the side of a mountain, which I think is the one you wrote about? He went to quite a few cities and ended the tour at Matterhorn. I looked the show up on the PBS site, but it said it wasn’t shown yet. Well, yes it was. 🙂 What beauty!

    • I will have to see if I can find that show on PBS and check it out! Thank you for letting me know.

      Yes, I’m glad we live close to the beautiful walking park.

      Thanks for visiting, Mary!

      • Hi Mary, I checked our PBS schedule, and it said this is not scheduled to be showing soon. During my search, I found “Heidi” on Netflix, which was filmed in 2015. There was beautiful scenery in that film! I found a bunch of stuff on YouTube too, but those are trailers to the shows you mentioned. I see that it is available on Amazon! I could put that on my Christmas wish list! Thanks for all the info and letting me know! That’s so nice of you. 😊

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