Long Gaps in Between

Dear Blog,

Remember me?  I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging.  As you can see, I posted three times recently.  So proud!

Taking a break wasn’t a good plan.  Writing about life and sharing what’s up with you was a good habit to develop.  Having a goal to write a blog post makes me more aware of little events that can turn into some sort of whimsy on my blog.  This break reminded me of my relationship with my childhood diary.  Except now my creations can be found in the tiny recesses of the Internet instead of being hidden under a mattress under lock and key!

Dear Diary

My “Dear Diary” used to get notes like this too.  “Dear Diary, Sorry I haven’t written to you for so long.  I’ve been so busy with such and such.”  Of course, Dear Diary never got angry about some of my long absences.  It was me who got upset when there were long gaps in between that missed some important parts of life.

My break with you started when I took a writing workshop in March.  The classes were on Saturday afternoons, and there were only a few of us who attended.  The teacher motivated us by helping us set goals.  She told us that a novel needs to have at least 60,000 words.  Who knew that a novel needs to have so many words?   So far, my manuscript has 90 pages, or 31,358 words.  The pages have been printed off, and I started editing them.  In the workshop we also learned that some writers write a book from start to finish, but other writers, like me, fill in places as they go along.

While filling in places on the manuscript, I discovered “Call the Midwife,” and I bought the DVDs.  After seeing the first episode of the TV series, I got sucked into watching all three seasons.  Times that were usually set aside for writing were spent watching TV.  The show is based on a memoir written by Jennifer Worth.  Ms. Worth was a midwife in the 1950s and worked in the very poor neighborhoods of east London.  My book is a memoir written from the point of view of my dog.  What makes a story real and enjoyable is when the reader falls “in love” with one or more of the characters.  If a connection isn’t made, the audience gets bored.  The characters in the show told the real life story of Jenny Lee during her work as a midwife.  Watching her and her comrades’ struggles and achievements kept the show interesting.  Making those sorts of connections in a book would be helpful, and a writer would benefit by learning how to do that.  Unfortunately, after finishing the series, I fell into the habit of watching not-so-educational TV shows when I should have been writing.

Spring came and melted away soggy and mushy winter days that we used to share blogging together.  Sunday afternoons got busy spending time having coffee and chatting away the day with my daughters.  Before we know it, one will be back at college and the other one will be married.  It’s nice to spend time with the ones we love when they are nearby.

Then Minnesota was blessed with beautiful summer weather that has to be enjoyed while it lasts.  Time was spent walking Lila the Dog around our woodsy park.  Three mile walks ended up taking up more time, and even the book got pushed to the back shelf.

Putting blogging aside prevented me from visiting posts from the other bloggers I follow.  Most of them are still writing away and sharing life.  Everyone’s life keeps chugging along whether it’s written about or not.  My hope is to keep blogging, even if it is about a “bug on a rug” or a “goat on a boat” because it’s fun to make up stuff too!  Between you and me, I hope there will not be any more long gaps in between.

Mary Ann

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.  –Mother Teresa



8 thoughts on “Long Gaps in Between

  1. I too have been fighting with the gaps in between my posts. I find myself, as I watch and enjoy little moments, thinking what a great piece of writing it would be. And then I never write about it. I have pictures from our move, from the house we left behind, of our first adventures in the desert as a family, of my very first classroom – all waiting to be written about. But then as you said life keeps chugging by and more moments take the place of those older ones and soon I can convince myself that those older moments are stale – too far gone – to be told.

    All that, and now I spend lots of time lesson planning and once that is done, I am tired and would rather sit on the couch and watch mindless tv…

    • Hopefully you will be able to find time to write about all of the things you have been wanting to write about. You never know how some of those things might creep into one of your blogs as background information or a side note!

  2. Welcome back! I’m coming back from WAY too long of a “break” myself, and (like you) realizing how much I’ve missed both the writing and the reading. “Having a goal to write a blog post makes me more aware of little events that can turn into some sort of whimsy on my blog.” Exactly! My kids used to say, whenever something funny or interesting happened to us: “Well THAT’S going in the blog!” It’s been far too long since I’ve heard that wry comment. 🙂

    • Yes, it was nice to see that you are blogging again! You were gone for a very long time. I hope you get back in the groove again. I enjoy reading your posts!

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I’m glad to see you back here more frequently! Although, I think you shouldn’t feel bad about your absences. You’re writing a book! I’m not writing a book. I’m merely posting a few paragraphs on my blog a few times a week (if that.) I’m curious about the writer’s workshop. Where can I find one around here?

    • Thanks! Char Torkelson is the woman who runs the workshops. Here’s a link to Char’s website: http://chartorkelson.com.

      Char’s an interesting lady! She also teaches dance classes. Her workshops are located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. If you go to one of her workshops, I’d like to hear what you think!

      Char also has a Writers’ Workshop Workbook for sale on her website which has a lot of good tips.

      Do you have a book idea running around in your mind?

      • Thanks for the direction! I will check out Char’s website.

        I’ve been prompted a couple of times to write about donating a kidney to my dad. I’ve contemplated it now and then. And I also sometimes wonder, if I knew where and how to begin, would I think I had more to write about? I just love to write, but I don’t necessarily have a work of fiction in my head like so many seem to do so easily.

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