All Turned Around

After learning how to do something one way and having that something get all turned around can lead one to a weird feeling of confusion. That’s how it was when we were driving in Galway. Roundabouts snuck up when we least expected them, and we were lucky that we always remembered to go left. If one way streets are clearly marked, we couldn’t figure out how. The old familiar way of telling the direction of one ways didn’t work because the cars parked facing different directions.  Plus, we might have felt better about our whereabouts if we had a map. The car rental place ran out after the busy summer season! The hotel gave us one that looked like a place mat from Perkins waiting to get colored.

After we parked by the bay, we talked about how driving was a bummer. We agreed that all the times that we were not in the car were the best times.  So we left the car in its parking space, and did a lot of walking!

A beautiful day greeted us:

Katie showed us the way around.

We visited a beautiful church, Our Lady of Galway.

We walked to Eyre Square, ate lunch at The Cellar and wandered about the shops.

After we found the car and got back to the hotel, Katie recommending going to King’s Head for dinner.  A nice cab driver took us there.  We ordered lamb stew and fish and chips which were both delicious.  We explored Eyre Square some more and found a crowded pub with some gentlemen singing while being accompanied by an accordion player.  Things were quite lively at that pub for a Monday night!

Having our daughter show us around a place that was unfamiliar was a different and new experience.  Thankfully it was a more comforting way of getting all turned around!


6 thoughts on “All Turned Around

  1. Your photos are wonderful. The church sure is gorgeous. I think I’d get out and walk to. It sounds so confusing to relearn how to drive. What is the temperature like? I see people in the photos with long sleeves. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Mary! The weather was very nice while we were there. The temperatures were usually in the 50s and 60s. It only rained one night and one day. We were expecting it to be rainy, but it wasn’t, which was nice! I’m glad you liked the photos. I will be sharing more soon…

  2. We were recently in Paris where our daughter spent the semester studying. It was such a joy to have her lead us around that city just as you say about your own daughter. So satisfying to see them as adults fearlessly taking on the world, isn’t it? I am so happy for you to get to share this experience with her.

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