Some Days are More Blessed than Others

Um, you should not be on the chair!!!

I arrived a little early and realized that I should have put the gentle leader on Lila before I left the house. I forgot how much she can pull me when she doesn’t have it on. Lila saw all the people and dogs standing up on the little knoll waiting for the priest to arrive. We jogged over to be among the crowd. (Jogging was Lila’s idea.) Lila greeted some of the other dogs, and calmed down for a little bit. It’s funny how she gravitates towards dogs that look just like her. An older set of black labs could not see what Lila was so excited about.

When Father arrived, Lila decided it would be a good time to make a wild dash towards the planter that decorates the side of the entrance to the church. I wasn’t prepared and got a little gash in my hand from trying to hold her back. If only she had her gentle leader. When we got to the planter, I didn’t see what the big attraction was.

“Come, Lila,” I said.

“Oh, she listens,” said Father. Everyone seemed to be pleased about that, and I heard a few of their chuckles.

We went back to our spot, and I noticed that our cousin, Laura, and her two dogs, Choco and Mortie, had arrived.

“Thank you for inviting us,” said Laura with a hug. I was happy to meet little Mortie. Laura and Paul adopted him the day before from the Animal Humane Society. Laura talked about how great their experience was there. They had been looking for a dog on the website for a couple of weeks, and found Mortie’s picture, went to take a look, and now they have an addition to their family!

“This is Choco’s first blessing too,” said Laura.

“I brought Music to be blessed a long time ago. I didn’t think Father had blessings for the animals any more, but then I heard about it at church this morning. I knew I had to bring Lila,” I said. Music, our first dog, was the type of dog that growled and snapped at other dogs. Music seemed calmer than usual at her blessing, and after she was splashed with the holy water, she relaxed even more. When I heard about the blessing that was coming up, I knew I had to bring Lila.

Father started the ceremony in honor of St. Francis, and Lila was more excited than calm. Lila stayed close by but wandered about to get a few more good sniffs here and there and jumped up randomly for no reason.

A young girl recited a reading, and Father talked about what a blessing it is to have pets in our lives and how God trusts us to take care of them. We prayed our pets would stay healthy, be protected from harm, and we said the “Our Father” together. Everyone spread out to make more of a circle, when Father got ready to bless the animals. I didn’t get splashed with the holy water, but I hoped Lila did.

After the blessings were over, Laura and I chatted a little while longer. It was nice to learn that Mortie and Choco are getting along pretty well, and Laura reported that Mortie appears to be house trained, which is a blessing too!

I was glad that Lila was excited to be blessed even though she hasn’t changed a bit. Going to the blessing was a good reminder of how I feel blessed to have Lila in our lives even though some days are more blessed than others!


7 thoughts on “Some Days are More Blessed than Others

  1. I’ve never heard of a blessing of the animals. I want to have mine blessed!! Is it done on a particular day or is it at the discretion of the church?

    You didn’t notice ANY change in Lila?

    • The Feast of St. Francis is celebrated on October 4th. Some churches do blessings on that day. Our church had the blessing the Sunday after October 4th.

      I really haven’t noticed any changes yet. We might have to go again next year!

  2. How wonderful to be able to have Lila blessed. And maybe she hasn’t changed a bit because her energy and zest for life aren’t meant to be calmed, even though some days those things make you feel less blessed! 🙂

    I agree. Our pets are a blessing. With my kids growing up and embarking on their own lives, I know I would often feel so very lonely were it not for my furry kids.

  3. Our church has the Blessing of the Animals every year. I love it. This year we had a full house and everyone (including my crazy dogs) was well behaved. I think they know it’s a good thing.

  4. I’ve never heard of blessings for animals, but why not? They are part of our lives and keep things interesting.
    I read your story because the name attracted me; I have a 3 year old named Lila and she is as active and fiesty as your dog sounds. 🙂

  5. I love that idea! I’d first heard of the blessing of animals on an episode of “The Vicar of Dibley” and it was a hoot. Such a kind thing to do for our little (and big) friends. Thanks for the like on my post about my boy getting the “skunk” treatment.

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