It Wasn’t Like I Remembered

One day while shopping with the children, I saw a movie that I used to watch all the time when I was a kid.  I thought they would like to watch a movie that I watched when I was around their ages, so I bought West Side Story.  I watched this movie so much when I was younger that I memorized the words to every song.

When we got home, the kids did not seem as excited as I was.  I put the movie in the DVD player, we all settled in and got comfy, and suddenly I was sitting all by myself.  I guess the kids thought it was weird that boys were running and dancing around in very tight jeans, snapping their fingers, and looking for a fight.  I heard them utter, “Mom, this movie is weird.”  We didn’t even get to the part where Maria sings I Feel Pretty.  Not only did the movie look funny to them, it started to look funny to me too.  I decided that it wasn’t like I remembered.  I used to think that Tony was so cute, and that he and Maria made such a cute couple.  I was suddenly seeing through my children’s eyes, and I wondered what my fascination was.  I switched off the movie, put the DVD away on the shelf, and got busy with something else.

That experience brought me back to the time when we rented Fiddler on the Roof.  The kids sat down with me, and we got all comfy and ready to watch the movie.  Then they wandered off one by one muttering, “Mom, this movie is really weird.”  I sat by myself and watched the entire movie.  I did not remember it being so long, yet I watched mostly because I loved the songs.

Isn’t it strange when we haven’t seen something for a long time, and we somehow build up how much we liked it in our minds?  When we finally get around to watching an old favorite movie or show, it’s not what we remembered.  Do you think it has something to do with how the movies are now?  Do you think technology has made movie watching more fun or just the opposite?

I guess I will not even try to get the kids to watch Bye, Bye Birdie even though I think they would learn so much by watching my favorite part, the telephone scene!  If you don’t remember the scene, here’s a link:  Was it like you remembered?


7 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Like I Remembered

  1. I had this happen a few years back when I was home and flipping through the channels: the show Thundercats was on. I freaking loved Thundercats when I was little! Well, as an adult, it does not stand up to scrutiny. The dialogue is stilted and there are only like, 3 voice actors (to their credit, they do a good job, but still…)

    I haven’t yet rediscovered a movie I had that problem with. I, too, haven’t watched West Side Story in a very long time. Maybe I should revisit it!

    • There is one show that is always wonderful for me to watch and that is the “Andy Griffith Show.” It was simple and always will be, and that is what I like about it.

      Thanks for visiting today!

  2. It’s the same way with places that seemed so large when we were children are suddenly so small. I remember going back to the old neighborhood and looking at the old house and saying, my god the houses are all so close together! The neighborhood seemed so much bigger when I was seven.

    I also like to go back to watch a favorite old movie and think, boy the acting really stunk in this, yet I loved it as a child.

    I convinced my girls to go with me to a musical review, just a bunch of songs from the 50’s, I think they texted each other just to keep from being bored.

    LOL kids.

    And great job on the book, you are really making progress!!

    • I agree with you, that sometimes the acting is not what it is today. I wonder if our society is more critical and has higher expectations now.

      Thanks for commenting on the book. I think about what I would like to write, but by the end of the day, it can be hard to get it written. I will still keep plugging away when I can!

  3. Yes! This has happened to me. And with the same exact movie, too! My hubby gave me a copy of West Side Story for Christmas…I’ve yet to watch it the whole way through…it’s just not the same.

  4. Oh my to Bye Bye Birdie. I don’t think there is as much singing in movies anymore for one. All the things I could wait to introduce to my son I could barely sit through myself. Not having remembered “all the singing” parts.

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