It’s Nice to Get Noticed!

The nice and unusually warm weather that we are having this winter in Minnesota made me want to take Lila for an extra long walk today.  Lila has a habit of watching me as I get ready.  She pants and follows me around the house as I try to find all the items I need to stay warm.  She looks at me as if she is thinking, “What is taking you so long?”  Well, I need a lot of stuff!

Even though it was a balmy 30 degrees outside, I still wore two pairs of sweats.  I put on a stylish crocheted black hat, my lighter-weight gray jacket, my purple knitted scarf, black boots and sunglasses.  Other necessities were put in my pockets:  a plastic bag for Lila droppings, cell phone and key.  I put Lila’s gentle leader on much to her chagrin, clipped on her leash, and away we went.  “Finally,” Lila seemed to say.

The sun was a welcomed sight as it has been hiding behind clouds for many days making us feel as if we lived in a bog.

Lila headed towards the small park.

“No, Lila, this way,” I said.  “We are going to the big park!”

Lila always does a hop as she turns the other way while wagging her tail when she finds out that we are going to the big park.  She knows that the big park takes a lot longer and has many different smells.  

Many people were out enjoying the day.  It seemed as if we all had a touch of spring fever.  That thought struck even more true as I heard what I thought was a bunch of kids yelling at us from a truck that was passing by.

At first I thought, “Gosh, no one has hooted and hollered at me like that for years.  They must really like the looks of my ensemble, sweatpants and all!”  But then, as they passed, I noticed that it was two little yippity dogs barking out the driver’s side window.  I guess it wasn’t me that they were barking at, but at my beautiful dog who seemed to puff up as she was striding along besides me.

Oh, well, it’s still nice to get noticed!

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6 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Get Noticed!

  1. It was a great day for walking, wasn’t it? I was out a little earlier today, before the sun came out. I enjoyed the frost that covered everything in sight.

    Sounds like it was a good day for Lila… the big park and all, and getting noticed by the passers-by! Hope she had fun!

  2. So glad you’re having a balmy winter – us too – but I’m in Atlanta – and we’re having super warm days already. My dogs love lounging on the deck in the sun shine.

    Stopping by on the blog hop today and would love it if you stopped by Pet Peeves – Solving Pet Problems as I’ve posted a guest blog today and it’s his first blog hop. Say hello to Speck the Coonhound.

  3. It’s funny, my dogs do the same thing. They could be passed out cold but as soon as I move they are following me around, waiting to see if I am getting my walking pants and shoes on.

    I’m glad you and Lila had such a nice day.

  4. We still have had no snow this winter. In fact, we are set to break a record for the longest time between snows. I am nervous that we will have an April blizzard or some other freak storm! But like you I have found myself heading outdoors when I can to soak up the nice days.

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