Pennies from Heaven

This morning I was thinking that I should get out of bed and get blogging about something.  I wanted to write a blog about my Grandpa, the woodcarver.  There is so much to write about Grandpa, that I thought he deserved his very own blog.

I thought I should really think about this before I go off starting a new blog.

I ate breakfast, and took Lila for a walk.  All the while I thought about my Grandpa and all the things I could write about him.

Grandpa lived just down the block from us.  Every night, my Mom made up a plate of food for Grandpa.  Grandpa’s dinner was whatever we were going to have that night.  Every Thursday, Mom made sausages, boiled potatoes and sauerkraut.  I watched her scoop up Grandpa’s portion.  Then she covered the plate and food with the top of a pan and gave it to me.  I walked down the alley, carrying Grandpa’s plate of food.  I always entered Grandpa’s house by the back door.  He sat there waiting for me at the kitchen table.  He liked to look out the window.

“Hi Grandpa,” I would say very loudly.

“Hello,” he would say, and he was sure to share a story or two with me.  He took out a dollar bill and gave it to me.  I went back home and ate dinner with my family.  Everyday Grandpa gave me a dollar bill.

Today, after my walk with Lila, we went into our backyard, and I scooped up some of the little/big messes that Lila leaves behind.  We walked on the side of the house, and because Lila has such a fascination with paper, I noticed that she sniffed out something close to our house, next to the raspberry bushes.  Lila picked it up and gave it to me.  Usually when Lila gets any kind of paper, she automatically eats it.  Today, I was surprised when she ran over to me and gave me the piece of paper, which just so happened to be a $10 bill.

“Good girl,” I said to her over and over again while I petted her head.

Of course, I took this as a sign because Grandpa always gave me one dollar bills.  Since I haven’t delivered him his dinner in almost 35 years, I took it as a sign that I should blog about him, and with inflation, a dollar bill from back then might be the same value as a $10 bill today.

I hope you will check out the blog about My Grandpa, The Woodcarver:

Let me know what you think.  Do you believe in signs or would you have just thought it was a coincidence?


8 thoughts on “Pennies from Heaven

  1. That story was so cool Mary Ann…Thanks for sharing..nope, don’t believe it was a coincidence…
    I believe it was from above. Love pouring down on you.

  2. I would have believed it as a sign too!

    When I was a kid my grandmother and her brother lived side by side in a duplex.

    Backstory… great-grandparents had a dairy farm that they passed along to their four boys. My grandfather was the milk delivery person. At some point they sold their farm and customers to HP Hood. You may (depending on what part of the country you are in) know of Hood’s ice cream and dairy products. Our family always used Hood’s products growing up.

    Back to my story, every Saturday night at 8:00 pm my grandmother would scoop up a bowl of Patchwork ice cream for my Uncle Jim and I would carefully walk down her cellar stairs and up his. He would be sitting in his recliner in the living room watching TV and I would give him his ice cream.

    If one of my sisters was staying at Grandma’s then we would fight over who would have the important job of delivering Uncle Jim’s ice cream.

    God you just took me back at least forty years. What a great memory! Thank you for the beautiful story and my family memory. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. What a wonderful memory put on paper for anyone to share with you!!
    That’s one of the best parts of life-making wonderful memories and
    then pulling them out just at the right time. No coincidence, He does
    marvelous things each day in our life. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. do something fun and memorable with the $10:)

    • Thanks, Deb! I don’t think I will be able to spend the $10! Just the way Lila gave the money to me – it was like she was taking orders from a higher power. I never saw her act that way.

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