What Are Some of Your Favorite Christmas Decorations?

I used to dread going through what I thought was the chore of putting up all the Christmas decorations.  Now, each time I open a cardboard box, it feels like I am visiting old friends.  Each box holds a treasure.  

I have known this beautiful angel most of my life.  My Mom created her.  I used to love looking up at her when she was on the Christmas tree when I was a kid!  We are so lucky to have her on our Christmas tree.

I remember making these pine cones decorated with glitter when I was in school.  I was thrilled when Laura brought one home for our Christmas tree when she was in first grade.

When Katie and Matt were in kindergarten, they made Santa faces that were in the shape of their hands.  Now I can look at the Santa, and it reminds me how small their hands were then.

Katie’s Brownie Troop made these fancy pieces of candy when she was in third grade.  I remember that it was a bit of a chore because there were sequins all over the place, and since we used glue to stick the sequins on to the styrofoam balls, those sequins stuck to our hands and lots of other things! 

My Mom gave this shelf to me many years ago.  It used to be in our dining room when I was very little, and I remember my Mom holding me as I pointed at all of the knick knacks.  Most of the knick knacks on here were given to us by friends over the years.

One Christmas I enjoyed crocheting these angels to give as presents.

It is also nice to receive handcrafted items.  I treasure this counted cross-stitch Santa that Mike’s Aunt Colette gave to us one Christmas.

Mike’s Mom gave us a beautiful set of dishes that she used for many Christmas celebrations!  The dishes bring back memories of the times we shared together at Mike’s Mom and Dad’s house.

See how we barricaded the Christmas tree?  This is how we are protecting our precious ornaments from Lila, our curious dog!  We have only lost two ornaments so far.  I remember seeing a picture similar to this on Life with Sampson and Delilah, a blog about two labs.   

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?


5 thoughts on “What Are Some of Your Favorite Christmas Decorations?

  1. Your tree is beautiful. I have some ‘baby dolls’ I made when I was pregnant with the twins. They are little elves and dolls, they always go on the top of the tree for safe keeping. The first year we had her, Delilah got one of the elves. 🙂

    I hope your precious keepsakes are high away from Lila!
    P.S. thanks for the shout out. 🙂 Merry Christmas

  2. Our Christmas tree has lots of memories as well. I still have most of my special ornaments from my childhood. I am enjoying adding the ones that the boys have made to the tree too. Our two German Shepard mixes don’t mess with the tree much other then to rub their bodies on it as they circle around it. It was our cat (who is no longer with us) that was the ornament eater. 🙂

  3. I have historically been fanatical about controlling what goes on our tree, because so much of the tackiness irritates me so much. And I wanted every ornament to be a friend. These days I have to tolerate some not-pretty kids’ crafts (popsickle stick tree with the longest stick in the wrong place, for instance! LOL), but I’ve made a certain peace with them because they are so sentimental, these things made my my children’s hands. I still hiss at the tacky “pregnant” ornament my husband always wants to put up b/c it was a gift from his sister, though. 🙂

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