To: Dog Lovers – You Know Who You Are!

When we were in between dogs, I tried to talk myself out of being a dog lover. I tried to tell myself that it is so nice not to have a dog because I don’t have to:

• Take the dog for a walk;
• Feed and water the dog;
• Clean up fur balls;
• Visit the vet;
• Buy dog food, treats and toys;
• Find someone to care for the dog when we were gone; and
• Pick up the poop!

I discovered that it is impossible to not be a dog lover if a person is one already. It is best to admit it, and move on. Let’s face it – it’s our destiny. The world needs people like us.

It makes me wonder how one becomes a dog lover. I think dog lovers are made that way from their beginning. For some unknown reason, when I was a very small child, I pretended that my white and fluffy blanket was a dog! I wrapped my hand around the silky corner and there I tied a rope and declared that part to be my dog’s neck. I took her on walks around our house and tied the rope to a knob on the bureau so that she would not run away. She was this girl’s best friend. I could tell her all things, and she stayed right by my side.  Don’t laugh – I couldn’t help it – I was made that way!

When Lila, my real dog, was taking me for a walk around our neighborhood park the other day, two girls of the age of about 11 years old were walking towards us. One of the girls was talking while watching the ground intent on her words. The other girl watched us as we approached. As we got closer, the quiet girl’s eyes squinted as she smiled all the while her eyes on Lila. After seeing that smile was when I knew that girl was a dog lover and that it would be her lot in life to love and care for a dog, if she wasn’t doing that already.

That girl and other dog lovers like her discover the rewards that a dog brings, and that all the work a dog requires gets paid back in love over and over again.

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8 thoughts on “To: Dog Lovers – You Know Who You Are!

  1. Thanks for voicing this out MaryAnn. A friend once asked me why I liked dogs. Despite my explanation of the benefits of having pet dogs, she still doesn’t get it. I guess only people with pets understand dog-lovers…

  2. It’s funny because I have had dogs my entire life but never considered myself a ‘dog person’ until I got Sampson. I’m not sure it’s because he filled a special need in my life and came at the right time or what. My very first dog (Washy) was hit by a car when I was 7, I cried more for that dog then I did when my own father died. 🙂 After her, the dogs were dogs….until Sampson, he is my heart dog and makes me a better person just from havig known him.

    Great post!

    • That’s great that you have such a bond with Sampson.

      My Dad brought home our dog Skipper when I was five or six years old. After Skipper ran away, our familiy never got another dog, even though I begged and begged. I finally got a dog (Music) after my husband and I started our own family. I waited a long time to get Music. Now we are bonding with Lila!

  3. I followed much the same path as you. For three years, we were without a dog. During the first year, it was easy to imagine there would never be another. We were still mourning the loss of our first. But gradually, I began to find myself contemplating another dog in our family. It took some time, but when I was ready to make the leap, it all happened very quickly and I have absolutely no regrets!

  4. I dont see really anything about having a dog as work. There are certain breeds I might not own because their exercise needs would be too much for me, I am pretty much a homebody. I can see feeding, vet visiting, or exercising as work. The vet is stressful but the other jobs are fun. I have taken certain training classes that stressed me out, so I stopped, and decided that my husband and I (and our dogs) are happy with the basic obedience they have. I fervently wish I could be a stay at home dog mom, but it is beyond my financial means

  5. Thanks for your response! I kind of feel the same about dog classes. Lila and I took a class at the Animal Humane Society, but I think our timing was not good because the class was at 8:00 at night. Lila is done in by that time. We might try another class someday. We are working on things at home, and that is working well too. Treats help! I work too, and miss taking Lila out during sun time. I like it when the sun is out longer during the day. Oh well, can’t do much about that!

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