Are You a Car Singing Machine?

While waiting for a stop light to turn green last Saturday morning, I turned my head and noticed a lady smiling at me from her car.  It was right after I finished singing what I thought was a lovely rendition of “Dancing Queen” to my favorite audience – me by myself in my minivan!   Either that lady noticed how happy I was or else she thought I was a little strange.  These things happen to people who sing along with songs on the radio while driving in the car, like me.  I admit, I am a Car Singing Machine. 

As a young girl and as a teenager I liked to sing everywhere I could, such as in every room in our house, in the yard, and riding in the car with my older brother.  Unfortunately, my brother did not appreciate my awesome talent as a singer.  For some reason he thought that it was better to listen to the actual singers who were singing on the radio.  He said that he wanted to hear the bands sing.  Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth.

When I finally got my driver’s license, I appreciated times when I was by myself in the car, because then I could sing without disturbing others, and I could be my own true singing self.  During high school I was lucky to find friends who liked to ride around with me and sing with me too.  We even sang with the windows rolled down and shared our talents with the whole neighborhood!  We were like traveling Christmas Carolers who sang more than Christmas Carols.  Now I sometimes like to surprise my children by knowing words to currently popular songs, and we sometimes happily sing together while traveling to destinations.  

It is good for people to sing in the car because:

1.     Singing while driving keeps drivers awake;
2.     Car Singing Machines do not talk or text on cell phones while driving because we are too busy singing;
3.     Learning words to new songs is good for the brain;
4.     Car Singing Machines cause fellow drivers to smile at others while on the road;
5.     People who sing in the car are less likely to have road rage; 
6.     Singing releases good chemicals called endorphins;
7.     No one can hear Car Singing Machines, unless they personally decide to have their windows rolled down, and if the windows are rolled down, they must be good at singing and are not afraid to be heard;
8.     It’s better than singing in the shower because you do not get water in your mouth;
9.     It’s good practice for karaoke night; and
10.  It can be a great way to bond with fellow Car Singing Machines while going on trips together.

Are you a Car Singing Machine?  If not, it’s never too late to become one!  If you are shy and afraid of being discovered singing by a stop light, you can be one of us who only secretly sings while traveling on the highway.  Then only you will know that you are a Car Singing Machine.


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